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Blrrell, Twin Palls, completed the 12-neelc still photog- raphy course Feb. J, Fined (or No Mudflaps Donald Conn, Twin Falls, was ■flned- traffic deaths and violations "woefully apathetic." The resolution praised District Judge Theron W.

Chick-fil-A values their customers and once a year they give out free sandwiches until the cows come home or should I say, until 7PM.Chick-fil-A hosts Military Appreciation Night each year in celebration of Military Appreciation Month. This is the 13th year in a row that Chick-fil-A has run the promotion. The anti-new-taxes drive started |n Rltzvllle where signatures were turned In SO and 76 at a time. Moos, Edwall Re publican, displayed a stack of let- ters yesterday that had arrived In the afternoon mall. "There was never an age that needi an education as we do today," Dr. Premiers Karamanlls and Men- dcres shaped up the agreement In recent meetings at Zurich, bi'ought lb- to Brlta Ui for approval. ■•TKONT-KOYAl,---Va— rebr-iri UFD-Twentyit WO-Nepo-ilndents began Ihclr first day of iludles In Warren gounty-hlgh wl Ui 10 leaohera and 30 olassrooms *t Iheir dlipoul but not a single whits olusnuie. - Paised by House HQ240 (Approprlatloas)— Appropriating I8M^6 to pro f ea l o n^ l — enklo Mrt— l)o«rdi 161.600 to pharmacy lioard, 142,228 to bar commlaiion. Eastern Washington lawnukers say they too have been receiving the tox protest letters— by the score In every mall. Anderson, engln Ssrlng; The other participants were Prime Mhilsttr Meumlllan, Britain, and Premier, Constantlne Karamanlls, Qrccce, wltlf top aides. 10 (*)— Premier Abdel Karlm- Kaasem's.-Bp Ut tilth the followers of AB'Presldenl'Niisscr Vnd his closer felatlo'hs with Iraij's Jiommunlsts today were reported threatening to tear his revolu- tionary government apart and plunge (he nation^ Into fierce civil strife. Signed by Governor HB75--Ralslng from three to five maximum number of years for which school districts may enter Into school transportation , contracts.

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  1. I’d recommend doing reading assignments when the semester begins, and then gauging their usefulness by comparing what you read to what’s presented in class and what ends up on the first test.